A new client came in recently for help with her acne. Regardless of age, acne can be quite troublesome to deal with. There are conflicting views on how to treat problematic skin in allopathic & holistic circles. Many who seek solutions are bounced between disparate advice and treatments.

I've had great success helping my clients achieve clearer skin. Rhonda Allison & Naturopathica products have produced the most compelling changes toward clarity that I have seen. This particular client even surpassed my expectations after just one 90 minute corrective facial treatment.

My approach to clearing acne incorporates several key aspects–

  • A Customized Treatment Plan based on your specific condition.
  • Proper home care using the most effective products for your skin
  • Exploration & education of external factors that may be contributing to break-outs.
  • Supplements that assist the skin in healing & which foods to lessen or avoid dietarily. 
  • Commitment of the client to applying recommendations.

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Santa Fe Skin carries both Naturopathica & Rhonda Allison products.

Photo note: The before pictures  (on left) were taken on January 30, 2015 in the treatment room. The after pictures (on right) were taken outdoors on March 07, 2015. This accounts for the difference in temperature between the two. Photos are presented unaltered in any way.

All photos © Suzanne Kessler, used with client's permission.

Before photo on left- Client came in with underlying inflammation/infection. After properly prepping the skin, extractions were done with very little pressure needed. 

Before photo on left- Inflammation at the dermal level spreads infection, creating more pustules and cystic acne. Notice the improvements as the blemishes heal.

What a difference in just 7 days!

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